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Cloud computing and Brazilian datacenter !

Its application in low latency and high availability Brazilian infrastructure with dedicated resources..


Discover our cloud computing and website hosting services. We have datacenter in Brazil.

Datacenter in Brazil

Looking for a reliable datacenter to host your application ?

We have services with high availability !


Cost reduction

Reduce your own infrastructure maintenance costs


Keep your infrastructure in a datacenter with 24/7 redundancy and monitoring 24/7

Brazilian support

Brazilian technical support 24/7. We speak your language! Fully supported in Portuguese.

Our brands and partners

We work with equipment of great brands and credibility in the mart.

Discover our infrastructure

Your infrastructure in our space !

Frequently asked questions

How long to activate the service' ?
Activation is automatic. Once paymente is confirmed, within 30 minutes you will receive the acess data in your email.
You can pay by credit card or check.
You can pay via PayPal.

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