Datacenter in Brazil. Located in the south of Brazil, in Santa Catarina. Ping on average 20 - 40 ms for connections from Brazil and some South American countries. Servers with latest generation Intel XEON processor and SSD storage disks, providing high performance and reliability in hosting your applications.

OVH Datacenter, located in Australia, North America and France. Datacenter with capacity for more than 360,000 servers! It now has a total of 20 datacenters worldwide, including 2 that are among the largest in the world. The company successfully completed a global datacenter concept while maintaining full control over all aspects of the projects and demonstrating a unique experience in high availability, security and energy efficiency.

OVH datacenters are strictly for your own use - servers can only be accessed physically by authorized employees. Access restricted by security badge control system, video surveillance, technicians and 24/7 security on the spot!